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Kent Facial Practice offers independent, affordable non surgical facelift treatments to both men & women,

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Find out more

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It’s important with any beauty treatment you feel entirely comfortable before, during and also after treatment, that's why we have devised a simple friendly and professional three step plan to make your treatment both relaxing and enjoyable.
What is Botox

Beauty shouldn’t be a hassle that’s why besides three drop in clinic locations we offer both evening and home appointments throughout the Kent area. Feel free to call out of hours for advice or to book your free consultation

Why choose Kent Facial Practice?
Botox treatment for men
Long gone is the stigma that men shouldn’t really enjoy the benefits of Botox. With advocates like George Clooney and Simon Cowel, men world over are also enjoying a fresher and younger look by rolling  back the years with simple Botox injections.  

Feeling your best inspires confidence and so adds to our wellbeing. At Kent Facial Practice we have a large and growing male clientele that continually tell us they are delighted with the results and the many positive comments they receive after having Botox.  As with our female clients we offer the same three step process. 1 free consultation,  2 your chosen areas, and 3, a free of charge follow up consultation to see your results and then if required a further ‘top up’ without charge. The picture below shows the three most common areas our male clients choose for treatment.
   Relieve  or prevent deep set frown lines between the eyes

Area 1

   Smooth away forehead lines for a younger appearance

Area 2

Increase your confidence with Botox treatment for men
 Chose from 1, 2 or 3 areas

As we age frown lines between the eyes develop which can age us whilst generating a stressed appearance.  Botox relieves this stressed look and relaxes the muscles between the eyes. It can also help prevent squinting which in turn may prevent the onset of  symptoms like headaches if squinting takes place for long periods of time like driving.

It is often said we gain an extra line for each decade we live, but what is sure is that the onset of forehead lines naturally occur with age.  Again Botox remains one of the most effective and simple treatments to smooth away forehead lines whilst preventing them  from developing further. Botox also administered in the right place can give a slight lift to the brow for a more youthful look.

BOTOX® Cosmetic injections are nonsurgical, physician-administered treatments that can temporarily smooth moderate to severe wrinkles and frown lines between the brows, on the forehead, around the eyes (crows feet), and on the bridge of the nose. The actual treatment is well tolerated and takes just a few minutes with no “down time” or prolonged recovery period.

Botox or Botulinum toxin (type A) is a natural substance produced by a bacteria.  It then gets highly refined, purified then diluted in order to be used therapeutically.  There are many companies who produce this and therefore there are many brand names (botox, xeomin, dysport, azzalure) It is purified protein, administered in a simple, non-surgical procedure, that temporarily smoothes the moderate to severe frown lines between your brows, crow's feet or forehead lines.

BOTOX® is injected for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in adults from 18 to 65 years of age.

All our clients tell us they are delighted with the personal service they receive from Kent Facial Practice, no wonder they keep coming back for more. After you take a look at our simple three step plan below  why not call  today or book an online appointment  for your free consultation now.  We do not have sales people just highly trained friendly medical personnel delighted to handle your enquiry.   

Before and After pictures with  Botox

Area 3

  Get rid of crows feet and look fresher every day

Facial expressions can tell much about the person therefore the secret with Botox is to administer the right amount to the desired area to obtain just the right effect. The eyes are perhaps the most expressive part of our face and so develop some of the deepest wrinkles. Botox administered correctly can effectively roll back the years and smooth away crows feet but without losing our facial expressions. It’s therefore very important to get the right practitioner that you can trust and that offers free follow up consultations to make sure you get the very best results.

How does Botox work?

When it is injected into a muscle it temporarily relaxes it.  Therefore when used cosmetically, it is injected into a specific facial muscle, resulting in an inability to wrinkle the skin overlying the treated muscle.

Is it new?

No! It has been around for a long time.  It first clinical applications were suggested as far back as 1817.  It was first isolated in 1946 and has become more widely used since 1976. Its wrinkle relaxing properties make it the world’s number one non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

Where can I have it?

The treatments are usually performed in 3 areas.

1. The ‘frown’ lines

These are the vertical lines on the forehead that appear when we frown.

2. The forehead lines

These are the horizontal lines that are on the forehead when we raise out eyebrows.  These are commonly called                worry lines.

3. The crow’s feet

These are the areas outside the eyes that develop wrinkles when we squint or smile.

How is it given?

Millions of men and women have had these injections to amazing cosmetic effect.  Tiny doses of  botox  are injected via fine needles into areas of muscles carefully selected by a trained practitioner.

The consultation

At the beginning of the appointment, Caroline your practitioner  will find out exactly what you want.  She will then carefully examine the wrinkles on your face at rest and during expression.  A great deal of care is spent tailoring a treatment regime to your exact wrinkles, the symmetry of your face and most importantly your desired outcome. Then, in comfortable surroundings, you will be asked to fill in a simple questionnaire and to sign a consent form.

The Treatment

The injections usually last under 5 minutes.  The needles used are incredibly fine so pain is usually not an issue.  If however you are particularly needle-phobic, you can have a numbing cream put on.

You will be lying on a comfortable couch.  Firstly the areas will be cleaned with an alcohol wipe. Any make-up can be removed at this stage. The injection sites may then be marked with a removable make up pen. The injections will then be carefully and quickly administered.

After the treatment

The sites where the botox has been injected look like small mosquito bites.  They completely go down within 10-15 minutes as the botox is absorbed.  Occasionally there may be a spot of blood which will settle after a dab with a tissue.  Finally, you will be given an aftercare instruction sheet and an appointment booked to come back in 2 weeks (when it has completely worked) to make sure all is well.  You will be fine to drive straight after the treatment.

After-care instructions

These are very simple and easy.  You will be instructions explaining these.

Don’t rub or massage the areas injected until the next day.  This is to make sure the botox stays in the areas it was placed.

Try to exercise the muscles injected every 30 minutes or so for the first few hours.  This helps the muscles take up the     botox.  These will be explained to you.

Don’t lie down for 4 hours after the treatment.  This is again to keep the botox in the area it was placed.

Don’t drink alcohol until the next day.

Don’t play any vigorous sport or exercise until the next day

The follow-up appointment

At this appointment, you will be asked whether you are entirely happy with the result.  Very occasionally, if there is an uneven or inadequate response, a top-up injection may be required.  This is usually free-of-charge.

What are the possible side effects?

Side effects are uncommon and nearly always temporary.

Some experience very mild discomfort during the procedure, get minor bleeding or bruising.

A minority of patients get a mild tension headache after the procedure (usually resolves with paracetamol).

Less than 1% will get eyebrow or eyelid drooping. When performed by experienced doctors trained in botox, this is very rare.  It is temporary and usually resolves in 3-4 weeks.  When it occurs it is often due to not looking at the after care instructions.

How long until it starts working and How long will it last?

Most people will begin to notice effects after 3 days. The effects will become full by 2 weeks

Botox injections usually last 4-6 months. The wrinkles have been shown to reduce each time.  It is not true that when the botox wears off your wrinkles are worse than before.

Will my face be frozen and false?

Your treatment will be tailored to ensure you have a natural appearance. People will comment on how fresh faced and well you look but you will not have a dramatic change in your appearance. The treatment will not prevent you from expressing yourself as normal, such as smiling, squinting and frowning.

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Step 2

Step 3

Step 1

    Free follow up after care 
      Your chosen areas
   Your personal consultation

Botox Cosmetic Prmotional Video

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Kent Facial Practice specialises in the administering of Botox®

Book an appointment at our Ashford Treatment Centre or in the comfort of your own home

Initial consultations are free and without obligation.

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Botox is a simple and straight forward procedure that millions of people regularly enjoy. However everyone is different and will prefer Botox injections in different areas

The most popular area  for Botox is around the outside of the eyes to ease or prevent the onset of wrinkles.  Many more also decide to  have Botox across the forehead and/or between the brow. Before we proceed we will discuss exactly what areas  are best for you.

Botox results are not instant and so normally takes between 3 to 7 days before the  full effect becomes noticeable.  Therefore at Kent facial practice we offer all our clients a free follow up consultation within 2 weeks. If at this stage we feel you would benefit from a top up then this is also free of charge.

Before any treatment is carried out we give all our clients a free  personal consultation to discuss your aspirations and to fully inform you of what to expect from any procedure.. You’re welcome to visit either of our treatment centres in Canterbury or Ashford Kent. Only when you are fully informed and have decided on your personal treatment will we move to step 2.